Natural Ways to Prevent Age Spots


Are you looking for some home-remedies that can help reduce your age spots in a natural way? Here you will find some tips to prevent your skin from age spots such as wrinkles, skin darkening, dry patches, etc. Though there might be many that you have known from a while and also tried but all were ineffective or not as fruitful as you had wished for. In that case, go through all the tips mentioned below. You must know that all these natural methods are tried and tested formulas to get rid of skin agingNatural Ways to Prevent Age Spots


Here it goes:

Avoid over wash

Don’t confuse cleaning your skin with over usage of face wash. Though it’s essential to keep your face skin clean and healthy but also make sure that you do not overdo it. Wash your face with gently without applying much pressure of your palm. It’s important to protect vital oils in your skin and therefore, do not perform any random tryout with your face as skin dryness will lead to dullness. And that’s the last thing you want to have on your face.

Practice yoga for healthy skin

As per the experts, yoga has proven to be the most effective remedy to make skin healthy. The logic behind this result is that due to increasing stress levels the skin glow diminishes and rather makes it unhealthy in all respects. Therefore, practicing yoga for around 15-20 minutes can do wonders for your skin. You will find some immediate improvements by doing meditation and other yoga facial exercises. Overall stretching of your body makes your muscles flexible and improves the glow of your skin equally.

Eat right regularly

Fruits and vegetables are best cure to keep your skin from aging as it needs all vital nutrients on a daily basis. Therefore, inclusion of fruits and vegetable will add up to the vitamins and minerals essentially required. Anti-oxidant elements make the skin healthier and it works as an anti-aging agent for skin. Whether it’s about removing skin acne or tanning, anti-oxidants are amazingly effective any day.

Moisturize your skin more often

To keep you skin moisturized at all times is often underestimated. If you will keep it from getting dry then it would be safe to say that there are less chances of losing your skin glow. With age, the natural moisturizing ability keeps falling, that’s why you have to maintain and protect your skin with a layer of moisturizer to shield it from the damage and dryness, which by the way happens all day long. And you without knowing it, don’t treat the way it should be. So, from now onwards, keep it mind to maintain the moisture of your skin at all costs.

Fish- a natural protector for skin

Intake of fish in your diet would be helpful for the skin to repair from age-spots, dryness, wrinkles, etc. as anti-oxidants are in high proportion, especially in Salmon fish. There can be different kinds of cuisines of fish to try like tuna with salad or salmon with veggies. It has some really helpful ingredients that are required to keep skin healthy and young as ever.

Avoid bad habits

There’s a long list of bad habit that you might have been practicing for long, such as smoking, or drinking being the most common habits have a potential to do some serious damage to your skin in a long-run. According to the American Academy of dermatology, smoking not only cause wrinkles but can get worsen them and irreparable with time as it promotes premature aging. If you want to make your skin healthy then get rid of such bad habits first, otherwise all the effort would not make much difference.

Proper sleep is must

You must have heard that to get your daily beauty sleep keeps your skin healthy, that’s absolutely true in every sense. Sleep depravity will immediately reflect on your skin, its important to get a continuous sound sleep of 7-8 hours at night. Sleep keeps the skin from any damage and reduces the stress levels. It complements the skin, rather adds up to its beauty and health. Aging of skin is a major consequence of lack of proper sleep.

Avoid dehydration at all times

Drinking lots and lots of water is surely a win-win situation for you and your skin. At least 7 glasses of water a day will keep you hydrated and that’s an important factor while maintaining a glowing skin. It’s not only what you eat or avoid, but also about balancing the liquid intake. Drinking more water is very much effective to heal skin dryness. Adding few drops of lemon juice would be healthier for your digestion as well as skin. Anti-oxidants will take care of your skin, so be careful about what you drink and how much you drink.

Use lemon as a natural remedy

You must have heard a lot about applying this or that on your face for a better glow or to remove aging spots but this remedy is an all-time-effective-method that can help your skin heal naturally. Gently massage your skin with the peel of lemon, lime of papaya for few minutes and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. This method works for all skin types, no exceptions. Lemon juice is the best cure for removing aging spots or even for boosting natural skin glow.

Avoid too much of sunlight

Sunlight is healthy for skin but too much of sunlight can damage the skin severely. Make sure to apply sunscreen before stepping outside. It’s important to guard your skin from external pollutants that might be pollution, dust and harmful heat. Prevent your skin from sun burn which later on turns into rough patches on your skin.

Follow these tips to prevent your skin from aging spots, rather make your skin younger and glowing with all these remedies in a natural way.