Dark Spot Correctors Without Hydroquinone


Hydroquinone is a very effective ingredient when it comes to removal of dark spots on the skin. The results are incredibly good. However, this is the only pro that is associated with the ingredients. The cons on the other hand are so many that it can even take you to your grave. Before discussing the cons, it will be important to note that Europe banned the use of this ingredient on the skincare products as a result of its many negative effects. Other countries followed suit while others have proposed its banning.

Dark Spot Correctors Without Hydroquinone

There are several reasons why I don’t think using hydroquinone is a good idea:

  • Below are some of the reasons why it is not a very good idea to correct dark spots by the use of hydroquinone products.
  • It causes mutation and damage of the DNA. Once your genetic makeup is interfered with, it is easy for you to suffer from diseases that originate from the genes, some of which you were previously immune against.
  • It may end up causing ocronisis, especially in the dark skinned individuals. Ocronisis is a skin related disorder that leads to “progressive sooty darkening” which is exactly one of those conditions you are fighting.
  • Elastin fibers and collagen are degenerated when one uses products rich in hydroquinone. These are the compounds that we ought to be strengthening if at all we want to appear young and fresh for long.
  • It can lead to dermatitis and irritation of the skin
  • The skins pigments are killed by the product. In fact, this is its mode of whitening action.
  • The scariest part of all these reasons is the fact that it has been linked and associated with human cancers such as the most deadly human cancer-leukemia.

Below is one of the hydroquinone free products that are effective for dark spot removal yet they leave no negative effects:

Revitol Skin Exfoliator

Revitol Skin Exfoliator is yet another skin product worth being used by any person having skin related issues. Do you dislike your intonation because it is uneven? Or have you been struggling with those sun spots and dark spots that usually affect so many people in the present generation? If yes, then go for the Revitol Skin Exfoliator. Looking in to some of its features will give you the courage and hope that it will work positively to remove those skin conditions that are really a bother to you. Below are its features and qualities:

  • The ingredients are of high quality
  • Is hydroquinone free
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promotion of radiant and bright toned skin
  • Reduction of the sun spots together with freckles
  • Ability of lightening the skin tone
  • A whopping 91% customer rating

When looking for a good skincare product, just like any other products do not be so much concerned with what you are trying to achieve till you forget to check the negative sides of the story. Hydroquinone is a killer that must never be used by anyone who loves himself/herself.

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